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First, I just want to say it's hot in Phoenix! man! Next, measure from one of the gate resistors to PH1 (or PH2) for your 12v. Could you take a picture of the control board? Are you absolutely there are no solder bridges, and that the solder stuck to the ground plane on each ground plane solder joint. Those are especially hard to do. I'm so glad everyone is so darn helpful! You guys are awesome!

I stopped on teh side of the road today, and hit this one cactus, and some ofhte needle things shot out at me, and one stuck in my finger, and I got a bunch in my shoe, and it was almost impossible to pull out, since they had barbs on the ends.

Also, PCB international is going to be able to convert the control board. All they need is a screen capture of the various layers and stuff, and in about 2 hours they can put it together somehow. So, goodbye $260 (advanced circuits), hello $95! No slave labor involved either! This is Taiwan, not China. hahahaha.
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