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I can't upload files of the charger I designed. When I browse to the file, and click on it, I get "Wrong type". These are Adobe. I don't know squate about computers. if someone posts a spare e-mail address, I can send them as an attachment. I sent them to Paul but he's away. Mayby Jack Bauer would like to see them. The charger is 6 KW, pfc corrected, with a novel soft-start circuit that wastes no power, using a .39$ common resistor. The input is 50-60 Hz, 85-265v.It also automaticaly draws no more than 15 A from 120v, and 30 A from 230v. It outputs 165V and has a low-level input from a BMS or a charge controller PCB to control the charge rate. The input is open or 2.249v equals 165V and 5v equals 121V. These can be scaled. It is therefor, not a complete charger. The control PCB uses only one IC, an opto, and a TO-92. There is a HF iso trans. All ferrite, including trans. design drawings. I have the Epcos cores(E70/33/32), but can't find bobbins anywhere in the US or the Continent. Jack Bauer: did you buy bobbins in Ireland? Kindest regards to all.
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