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Looking for suggestions on installing a tach

Hello All,
I just acquired an 82 VW Rabbit diesel truck, 1.6 NA with a 4 speed, it is my intention to see how many MPG i can get this little thing up to. The first mod i want to do is add a tach, but it seems that VW in their infinite wisdom did not offer a tach for the diesel models. (at least the older ones)
I read on line that you can use a tach from a gas unit and a signal from the alternator (they call it the "W" terminal) to operate the tach. Involves rewiring some parts of the circuit board and the addition of a trim pot for "tuning"
While i am sure it works i suspect the accuracy.

Anyone know of an alternate way to get RPM data out of a diesel?

-OR - is my best bet to go with the conversion of the gas tach onto my diesel.
Thank you for taking the time to read this

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