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Originally Posted by Rob10_99 View Post
Well the link shows video of the tuft testing, and it does look connected up to the end of the trunk.
It's possible that the tufts are saying something different.
Both old and new Beetle are pseudo-fast back cars.The original air-cooled Beetle took advantage of the separated flow,spanwise vortex crashing against the body where the cooling air inlet slits are located to feed the cooling fan.
It's possible that the New Beetle also suffers the same separated flow and attendant vortex which may be slamming the tufts,not attached flow.
The loose rule is,don't exceed 22-degrees unless there is a step somewhere behind to re-attach to,like Ernie's wing,or the Herrod Helper,or Porsche's Whale-Tail Carrera wing,also Daytona Charger trunklid.
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