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dunno, I was thinking of the bicycle computer type.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the speed signal is really sort of optional, your car already has speed and distance instrumentation built in. It takes a little mental exercise, but being able to keep track of your odo and being able to divide the indicated speed or distance traveled by the fuel consumption rate or fuel used, in your head, is something a lot of folks can learn to do. The thing cars don't usually have, except at fillup, is fuel consumption feedback, and the guino gives you both instantaneous gph and accumulated fuel used.

So one should weigh their ability to compensate for non-integrated speed signal with their ability to sort out an integrated speed signal. If that makes any sense.

Also from a "beat your high score" perspective, there are a couple strategies to simplify things.

if your commute is largely point A to point B, then check the fuel used on the "current" screen, and see if you are using more or less fuel to get to and from
work, and try different strategies and/or routes to see if you can get there with less fuel.

If you put the gph in the numerator, then it may be simpler to do the math, i.e. 10mph/.5gph = 20mpg, but it is a lot easier to do (IMHO) .5gph/10mph = .05 Gal/Mi and just try to beat your low score in that case.

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