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"If someone were so inclined, a good project helpful to all would be to design an alternative air-conditioner shroud, as those roof units are used on all types. That the manufacturers have low-profile units now only illustrates the problem."

An inexpensive alternative that is sometimes used, is to mount a conventional 5000 BTU window air conditioner to the front or back of of the travel trailer. Either location fills part of an aerodynamic low pressure area that otherwise creates drag. Also this arrangement does not add to the frontal area as a roof top unit does. If need be, you could install ducting to carry cool air to the opposite end of the trailer. Often you could also arrange to park the trailer so that the air conditioner is in the shade most of the day which would make it a little more efficient. Of course you would need to hook up to an AC source when parked or use a large capacity DC to AC converter.

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