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What did the note on your door say? "Don't go to phoenix, since it's super super duper hot"? That's what I'm going to put on my door next time... I think they call it phoenix, because the city rises from the flaming ashes every october, only to be incinerated again starting in about March, lasting until the end of September (or maybe october). That's just a theory.

Oh, the BMS boards and charger board, and charger parts should be waiting for me when I get home. Also, I will send in the SR board, and it will take 8 days for them to make it, then it will take 1 day for me to assemble it and drive it around and then blow it up, and then will take 1 day to get over the depression, and then 1 day to make another one. so, super soon I'll have the 1000amp one tested! ya!

The 6 bms boards are like 50 hours worth of soldering, so cancer, here I come! hahahaha. Actually, I'll just solder them a little, and test it, and then send the other ones in to have them solder them automatically.
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