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What, the, hell.

Hey all, recently got a 98 tdi bug. It's got the window issues, ac issue(fixing asap!) and a few other quirks, not a big deal.

Coming from turbo gassers with 200-400hp this tdi thing seems like a slug off the line, 1st gear is completely worthless like it was intended for hauling a 5th wheel.
Overall, its a decent freeway car, actually fits my gangly 6'2" whiteboy hide quite well. It could use a steering wheel spacer.

I drove roughly 80 miles today, mostly freeway. The gas gauge moved one tick. What the hell have I been missing? I'm pretty fed up with filling up every other day in something that only went sub 300miles/tank. I never thought a car could get this good of mpgs!
I'm so happy I didn't buy a honda, this is way more efficient as well as simple(sort of).

Well hey all, I've got plenty of experience in autos, gas, performance of all types, and pretty well versed in all auto aspects. Got a q hit me up!

thanks all and been trollin for quite some time now.

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