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Yep, the green parts - hood, bumper, and one fender - are all from the same junkyard donor. So is the battery pack that I'm running. I've thought about paining the whole thing green. It's an eye-catching color, which ought to reduce my odds of being rear-ended again. However, I think it would be too eye-catching. Sometimes, you just want to blend in (as well as a boat-tailed Insight can).

I've learned a lot about fiberglass already. For one, I speculate that one layer of glass cloth is not enough. (Right?) Two layers would be required to give it enough thickness to resist bending. I wonder if I can make "corrugated fiberglass", with three layers laid out just like the paper layers in corrugated cardboard. Corrugation seems especially appropriate for large panels like hoods and boat-tails.

Another thing I learned: my resin says it "sets in 3-4hr, dries in 8-10hr". So I figured I would lay it up in the evening and drive to work the next day. Well, maybe that would work in the summer, but it went below freezing that night and my fiberglass was not cured in time. The upper grille block wasn't bothered by this, but the lower grille block was made a bit concave by the force of the wind on it.

Originally Posted by RobertSmalls
What happens when you hang fiberglass cloth over a bumper opening or fog light well and epoxy it in place?
I think I like this technique. I think the right method is: cut two layers of glass cloth to size, wet them out with resin, then slap them on the bumper and allow it to cure. I'll grind off my last attempt and do better this time.

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