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Originally Posted by RandomFact314 View Post
When your choosing a car battery, what are you looking for exactly?

I came across some post somewhere that said to ONLY use a certain car battery for the dodge neon, Is this possible that you can only use a certain battery? I cant find the post online so I don't know what the battery was they mentioned, I think it was a interstate 750 or something.

Interstate 750 is a brand and rough crank size designation. I searched O'Reilly auto parts for you, using a 2003 Dodge Neon as an example and came up with the following...
2003 Dodge Neon Battery | O'Reilly Auto Parts

It appears that the group size is "26R" or sometimes called "26r72"
The cranking amperage on this particular battery is shown to be 540cca
(540 available "cold cranking amps" meaning expects to put out that much amperage at 0 degrees F.)
This is above the minimum requirement for a Neon, so you will be fine in installing something like this. When you go to your local auto parts store for a new battery, just make sure to ask for the group size "26r" and that will ensure the correct dimensions (size) of the battery.

(editorial addition) It will not matter the brand you use... Interstate, Exide, Sears, AutoZone, etc etc, only the group sizing and minimum CCA rating. Just about any auto parts store can verify that for you. Have fun.

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