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it was also about the "hail damaged" car gets better gas mileage...

I have not read, anywhere that turbulent waves cannot be on a vehicle w/dimples...if you understand what I am saying....worded weird..

I cannot question, scientific process... when i saw it take place....w/positive results...there is no other explanation...if there is...then they would be required to apologize on national television...B/c they have millions of viewers.....and since auto-makers are implementing this, already...And I know they aren't just doing it for the novelty..

___Mythbusters themselves, were like, it's kinda' ugly...that was the only question, left open..

Ok, MetroMPG, thanks for the link...i'm collecting phrasings
Originally Posted by wyatt
it works on a golf ball is because the golf ball spins in the air and is not stabilized.
its just a different shape...a car is not any more stabilized..."not stabilized"---what is 'stabilized' object?... the greater portion of a car is above ground is suspended in air, by 4 tires...still, the body travels via the car, is in the same realm of unstabilized object.....

the Great Pyramids of Egypt...are stable, then?....or the Statue of Liberty, or Gateway Arch, is stablized....

The dimples make (at least round like) objects, traveling through air, more stable..

If it counts, the '98 Taurus, was my first car.

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