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Will do, I have the same plugs in the bottom of mine, have resisted the urge to tap screws into them tho...

I don't know about the MKIV but the MK3 has 5 holes down each side in the "lip" under the sill (the bit the jack locates into). I'm going to use these as mounting points for the outside edge of the tray via some tiny 90 degree brackets.

The front will be connected using brackets going to existing bolts for the wheel arch liner, and screwed to the trailing edge of the factory tray.

I think the inside edge nearest the exhaust will be bolted to existing bolts around the exhaust tunnel. Once I have brackets made I'l post pics of the setup. I'm aiming for the tray to be easily removable leaving minimal brackets in place under the car.

It's sweet that you have the TDI Golf though, it's easily 10% better FE than my IDI engine, and has loads more power and torque. That new bluemotion Golf is amazing though, 110hp and 75mpg!

Will you recoup money spent on mods in fuel saved? see my spreadsheets here
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