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Originally Posted by DawidvC View Post
Hi there. I have been a lurker on this and several other forums for some time.
Dave - regarding your post

I think having a modular system, with seperate logic, driver and power section would give everyone the chance to modify it to suit their own requirements. If your needs are different from the design, it would mean less modifications to get something going. It would also mean that people who are far from USA or Europe can adapt the design to what is locally available.

At work we use AC drive from Unico Inc. They use the same logic section on drives from 1.1kw to 500kw. The power sections of course are totally different. They have a small selection of driver sections depending on the drive configuration. Their power supply section on all these drives are exactly the same module, but it would be easier if we can have some flexibility as far as that is concerned.

I am definitely making it a modular design. It's the most practical, and I am already designing the IGBT drivers and Hall Effect sensor to mount on each IGBT. My current design uses three identical boards, one for each Dual IGBT, and a single logic board. I am going to just build the basic systems for 3 Phase motor control, then design an expansion connection to add anything else. I am trying to limit the board sizes to the MiniBoard from PCB Express for simplicity, but we will see once I get down to actually using PCB Express to design the layout.

My notes are spread out everywhere, but if I survive my exams this week, I will try to get the IGBT drivers schematic done and try protoboarding one just to see if it works. I figure I need about $175 to get enough components to have a protoboarded version to show. It's looking like $88 for the IGBT modules I wish to use, and about $90 for DC/DC converters and a few more hall effect sensors.

If anyone is willing to donate to the cause... money or parts..
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