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RobertSmalls -

Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
What about Chang Ho Kim's boattailed mirror?
Yup, that's a great one too :

You could probably combine the best of both worlds. A small-enough-to-use mirror with the boattail design. I found a candidate for the mirror housing in a hobby shop. Think R/C model airplane canopies :

E-Flite Canopy: F-15 Eagle DF ARF

The above is *only* a pictorial example, it may not be the right scale. I think you need one to be about 12" long if it is going to contain a 2" convex mirror. Here is one that is 9" :

Great Planes Canopy Patriot/Dazzler GPMQ2255 -

Imagine the above with the mirror mounted inside the flat interior part.

Neither of the above egg-zamples are egg-zactly what I was hoping to show. If you go into a hobby shop you can find a really good on for maybe $10 or less.

At one point I had an "Easter Egg Mirror", but that had too much refraction from the clear plastic and didn't work well :

The question in all of these "clear covered" mirror designs is whether or not the clear cover interfers with the visibility. The good thing about a "canopy mirror cover" is that the interior side should not have the clear plastic between the mirror and the side window. I just realized that I didn't test this theory in the hobby shop. Next time I go I will take a round-convex mirror with me and do the test. If it looks good, then maybe I will try a new side-view mirror design.


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