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This is the best way IMHO to change the front of a car...

Inexpensive, reversible.

And if one used Styrofoam underneath the bra to make the shape better custom "noses"
could be created relatively cheaply.

This weekend all i did was cover the upper grill on my Camry with cotton fabric and sprayed it several times with old spray paint. Coolant temps at hwy speeds unchanged and only like 5 degrees higher at complete dead stop idle.

So far my mode has cost my only WTF looks from friends and family!

No A-B-A testing.
Tomorrow I will do my weekly 600 mile round trip from Maine to NYC area to work for 3 days. I also changed the gear oil in manual tranny to "mostly" synthetic. (Accidentally bought 1 qt total synthetic and 1 qt synthetic blend).

I digress, great bra, great idea. I plan on doing similar by summer.

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