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AeroModder -

Originally Posted by AeroModder View Post
I'm pretty sure they would be if they take the trouble of listing for specific makes and models. I'm actually leaning toward the universal base that'll drill into the side of the door. I've had to replace a window before, so I'm familiar with how to install them. That'll also give me more freedom in positioning for better visibility and/or aero.

Though this talk of smoothing out the sides has given me an idea for a new project to smooth out the sides- Get some Lexan over the windows to make them flush with the door frames. One of my rear windows won't roll down anyway! I'll take some pictures and start a new thread later on.

Also, I sent a message to the seller yesterday asking about other models, but no answer yet.
The universal base is a good idea. For people like us with Tempos and S-Series, it's doubful that we will find any aftermarket mirrors that are designed for our cars. My assumption going in is that I will have to retrofit a mount when I do this stuff.



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