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RandomFact314 -

Oh yeah, I have spent a *ton* of time scouring motorcycle websites and e-bay for mirrors. I do have a very cool pair of motorcycle mirrors that would have cut my side-view-mirror size in half (and looked good on the car, IMO), but I "leapfrogged" that possibility and I am presently down to one leetle bicycle mirror, so I don't have the need.

Neil -

Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
Motorcycle mirrors are (slightly) convex, if I am not mistaken. And mounting those with the angled stalk would be interesting -- maybe the 'L' can be positioned back, and the mirror has enough pivot in it to make them useful?
I don't know if they are convex. Part of my old search was finding one that had a "practical" stalk that was useable for a car. The one in RandomFact314's picture is not designed to mount on the "vertical side" of a car. Instead it's designed to mount on something like the motocycle handlebar or cowling.

Another possibility is snowmobile mirrors. You can get small ones that are also convex. This is my favorite one that I never got :

Side Mirror Snowmobile Mirror Wing : eBay Motors (item 250240833784 end time Apr-14-10 06:30:51 PDT)

They are convex, have an adjustable mount that is compatible with cars, and they are *small*, 2.5" * 4". They don't have a stalk mount, but you can't have it all.


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