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Originally Posted by dremd View Post
While this is probably a fine oil change strategy, it is not a bypass system.

Bear in mind that you will probably never plug that filter, even over the entire life of your engine without filter changes.

How many miles are you driving per year? 3 quarts seems like a lot to me, any leaks?

Also be sure that your filter has the proper valving (drain back, bypass, etc)

If you want a true picture of your engine/ oil send off a sample to a lab.
Not technically a bypass filter...but a cost effective way to get closer to one.

The By-pass Oil Filter. The Ultimate Oil Filter.

"A regular oil filter will filter out dirt and contamination particles to about 20 microns in size. The AMSOIL Ea nanofiber oil filter will filter out dirt and contaminants down to about 5 microns in size. If you add the AMSOIL By-Pass filter system to your vehicle, it can filter down dirt and contaminants to 1/10 of a micron. You will get tighter clearances, better engine performance, and much longer engine life!"

My car uses around 1 qt per 5K over 12K it will use at least 2-3 qts espec if I change the filter one time.

Amsoil EAO vs PureONE - Topic Powered by Social Strata

" I've searched the forums and it seems that people choose the Amsoil filter over PureONE on 'faith' that the Amsoil brand is somehow better than every other brand.

After checking the specs for the Amsoil EAO filter and the Purolator PureONE filter I found something shocking... PureONE is actually better by the numbers.

According this this website: AMSOIL - AMSOIL Ea Oil Filter (EaO)

"Amsoil tested their EAO with the industry standard ISO 4548-12 and found that the 15 micron efficiency to be 98.7%

PureONE's ISO 4548-12 for 5 micron is 50%, 10 micron is 92.8%, 15 micron is 99.2%, and 20 micron is 99.9%. [info source: e-mail response from the tech/engineer department].

I've e-mailed Amsoil about the 5/10/20 micron ratings that isn't listed on the website but it would seem that PureONE is better than Amsoil by the 15 micron comparison.

So... PureONE's filter is not recommended for 25,000 miles oil change but Amsoil's EAO is by what logic? I guess if you trap more particles you have to change out the filter more often which means that the Amsoil one is probably letting more things through so it doesn't clog up and go into by-pass valve mode."
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