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Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
Old bug, 0.48 Cd why?

Erm, I mean, why did the 1938 VW Beetle have a Cd of 0.48?

The Germans certainly knew how to build a low-drag car. What led to the selection of such high drag bodywork, instead of styling the VW bug after the Schloer pillbug or a streamlined, rear-engined Tatra? They could easily have halved the Cd, and thus cruised the Autobahn with a smaller engine and fuel tank.
I suppose you could ask the same question of the New Beetle.I believe the answer lies with the GM' stylist's remark to Walter Korff in 1963," If we were to make cars 100% streamlined,would they not all look alike,and we stylists have nothing to do?"
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