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These cars are not meant for even the average car owner here. They are meant for less than average car owner. Nano is arguably better than having to get BBQed on a two-wheeler on the hot roads in the blazing Indian summer, but if one has some spare money, about $5-6k can get them a nice cozy vehicle with AC, and about the same fuel economy as Nano. Why Nano was not built till now was that no one was ready to cut that many corners, where the entire effort becomes an exercise in diminishing returns.

If I were to buy my wife a new car (to let my clunker alone for my hypermiling) I would NOT go for a Nano. I think it will be a Tata car, a Vista Quadrajet Diesel. So let those who want to play with fire to play with it, for the sake of saving money, I would just about tolerate some door panel rattling for the sake of loads of space and good FE that Vista offers.

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