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I've heard of the carb enhancer...but will be testing a FA2000 clone this summer.

This is basically an gas supply teed from after the fuel pump, that is run thru a sensitive valve so that just a trickle is allowed to get into a 3 foot long extended part of the PCV circuit...causing an amount of fuel vapor to be fed into the engine.

Along with adjusting the slight fuel flow thru this valve...they recommend adjusting the float level using this method:

* adjust the float level 1/16" lower...then take the car out on the highway at 60-65 mph and step on the pedal...if it bogs is adjusted too low...if not...drop it another 1/16". Keep doing this till it bogs. Then with the are supposed to be able to turn it on and the "bog" effect will go away.

This same method could be used without the TC2000...adjust till it is CLOSE to bogging down.
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