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Originally Posted by MadisonMPG View Post
What kind of RPMs do you turn at said speed? What is your axel ratio? Auto or manual?

Good numbers...almost too good. :?
It's the standard 3.73/Auto combination...

I don't recall her exact RPMs (See update).

As a standard rule, anything I replace on the truck gets upgraded to a better engineered option (if available) and after getting a ridiculous quote from the stealership after one of her injectors fried, we opted for a set of +75HP International injectors. The old stock torque converter gave up the ghost at around 160K miles - probably due to the added power of the new injectors and since Ford isn't known for rock solid transmissions, we went with Diesel Innovation's remanufactured unit with heavy duty TC.

Not all large PSD powered vehicles gain this much, we got lucky. Our numbers are good and sustainable after having logged and done the math, the OBD Display is within a 10th of 1mpg accurate. It was quite a supprise after having filled up for the return drive from FL that the DTE display stayed at 999 for over 2 hours. At first, I thought something was broken.

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