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Originally Posted by MoonlandMenace View Post
I'm also planning to install a belly pan, remove the right mirror and making skirts.
That's the list of things I think about each time I see a small delivery van like your's on the street (about every 40 seconds). I always wonder how low the fuel consumption can get on those. They are very popular in Europe and since the fuel costs are usually paid by the company, not the driver, then many drivers have no incentives to save fuel. But some of them do, and I'm interested in how low they can go. There is a guy at my local Peugeot forum with a Partner 1.9D (Berlingo's twin) and he did a test by driving less aggressively, increasing his milage by 20%-30%. On some long trips he'd go extra slow and get something like 2.8 l/100km (84mpgUS). And this is without any mods, not even pumped up tires!

Moonland, what year is your Berlingo? I hope the ScanGauge will work on it. And get it into the EM garage, I can't wait to see your milage go up.

Check with your traffic laws if you can remove the passenger side mirror: I'm not sure if this is true for all of Europe, but here every car must have the right side mirror if the view from the internal mirror is not satisfactory (which may be the case with delivery vans).

BTW: What is it with Belgians and the Moon? MoonlandMenace, Lunarhighway,...
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