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Originally Posted by Tygen1 View Post
Can you quantify your modifications?
Like such and such a modification yielded a certain mpg benefit?
I wish I had been more involved from the beginning, but the Excursion was my introduction to the Ford PSD. So, I'll give you a list of the MODs applied and an economy SWAG.

Purchased it with roughly 106K on the clock. Cty/Hwy 14/23 (stock)

The first MODs installed were the Sonnax shift kit, aFe Stage 1 intake, MBRP 3" down pipe to 4" back exhaust, and 4 position performance chip from DI. Cty/Hwy 15/25

After she lost the #8 injector, we added a set of new AC high totque injectors, high pressure oil rail cross over to help address the fuel starvation issues on the #6&8 cylinders, and all new programming for the chip to deal with the new injectors. Cty/Hwy 16/26+ (Hwy is tough to say because most of her driving was within 5 miles of our house. So to be honest, the only way I calculated at this time was to reset the computer while making fairly short runs on the Hwy)

Because of the TC taking a powder, we went to the transmission and HD TC within the first two weeks of doing the previous mod. It was after this that I had a chance to re-certify the accuracy of the OBD display...

I can say this too, the stock TC was slipping big time!

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