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Originally Posted by Peter7307 View Post
Reading through the thread :Lowest drag side mirrors one though occurred to me.

Would adding air into the base of the mirror assist the aerodynamics of the shape?
I am thinking of adding air immediately behind the reflecting glass / plastic to "fill" the void created by the mirror as it moves through the air.


Cheers , Peter.
Peter,I think Ludwig Prandtl's work with blown and suctioned wings might give some insight into your question.
Some modern mirrors are essentially 'invisible' to the air due to refinements made in the wind tunnels over last 3 1/2 decades.
I'm not sure what gains are out there to be had.
I would like Secretary Chu to have President Obama pressure the USDOT to allow camera/monitor systems in new cars.Then we could skip the mirror issue altogether.
The admin. appears to be interested in global climate change,increased CAFE standards,etc.. This would be one small part in that play.
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