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Arminius -

Originally Posted by Arminius View Post
One of the guys I work with bought a Smart Car (the Passion model) a few weeks ago. He has filled up 3 times and gotten 46, 42 and 38 mpg. The last tank was used during a time when we had a lot of snow. He does about 80% city driving, I would guess. He also doesn't utilize any techniques to increase FE, beyond simply driving the speed limit. I'll post his future mpg if anyone is interested.
I'm interested, especially because he isn't *trying* to get good MPG. I would love to see his "typical" MPG in high-summer. Would he be willing to participate in this? :

Welcome to Your MPG!

Oooooooooh, look at what I just found :

2008 smart fortwo coupe


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