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tigra AERO - '96 opel tigra
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about G90: from ople source

G90 — Opel’s Three-Liter Car
Concept vehicles such as the G90,
first presented at the Frankfurt IAA
auto show in 1999, play an important
role in the effort to further reduce
fleet fuel consumption. They represent
the state of technology at a
given moment in time and constitute
an important experimental platform
from which new solutions are developed
for large-scale production.
The vehicle’s name reflects its purpose:
“90” refers to the emission
value of 90 g CO2/km. This corresponds
to a gasoline consumption of
exactly 3.88 l/100 km for the fourseater
of the Astra-class.
ITDC engineers were thorough in
taking account of every parameter
which impacts significantly fuel consumption:
air and rolling resistance,
vehicle mass, and efficiency of the
drivetrain. With a drag coefficient of
cD = 0.22, the G90 sets a new
benchmark. Its body is similar to a
teardrop shape with a distinctly sloping
roof and sharply cropped rear.
The smooth, rear-rising underbody,
with its completely integrated
exhaust system, has proved particularly
efficient, allowing the air to pass
the body and merge behind the vehicle
more quickly.
Comprehensive lightweight construction
and the targeted use of aluminum and
magnesium result in an exemplary curb
weight of 750 kg. For the powertrain,
Opel chose a three-cylinder ECOTEC
gasoline engine with inlet port deactivation
and a manual transmission auto
shift (MTA). It is clear that the power
plant specialists in Rüsselsheim consider
the potential of the conventional gasoline
engine to be far from exhausted.
Weighing just over 80 kg, the G90’s
engine puts out 44 kW/60 hp and can
take the full-scale four-seater (with a
further 350 l of space for luggage) to a
top speed of 180 km/h.
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