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Need report refs for tire pressure benefits

Hello, folks,

We all know how important tire pressure is for getting good mileage. A high-up guy in the Sierra Club is interested in launching a campaign to require that gas stations provide free air throughout the U.S. One or two states already have such a law. He is looking for hard data to support arguments for the campaign. Free air means people will more likely keep up tire pressure and that means fuel saved AND improved safety.

If anybody has some references to reports on the topic, I will pass them on to my friend in the Sierra Club. Two considerations--

1) Data relating tire pressure to fuel economy and tire life
2) Information on safety versus tire pressure.

Tire blowouts often happen with inadequate tire pressure and resulting tire heating. The SUV rollovers some years back were shown to be encouraged by inadequate tire pressure. And, occasionally we hear that highway patrol cars use very high tire pressure in enhance safety. Any documents to support these?

Ernie Rogers

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