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@Multiades! Hi! Nice writeup! I want to ask your opinion on this: I've got a 94 Protege
but mine is a DX with 1.8 SOHC. At 70 MPH it's turning about 2900 RPMs in fifth gear.

That already sounds a lot better than the LX however I still keep reaching for the shifter at 50+MPH to shift 6th gear but of course no more gears.

So I was thinking about the gear swap but from what I read it looks like I already got the kind of transmission that has the taller gears. What do you think based on the RPM reading above?

Btw I'm getting between 42-45 MPG if I'm driving like the rest of the idiots and has been as high as 53.5 MPG ( 3 times during summer ) if I'm putting around. No interstate speeds in my rout and lots of EOC.


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