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Smile Driving style is most important.

Originally Posted by 3dplane View Post
@Multiades! Hi! Nice writeup! I want to ask your opinion on this: I've got a 94 Protege
but mine is a DX with 1.8 SOHC. At 70 MPH it's turning about 2900 RPMs in fifth gear.

That already sounds a lot better than the LX however I still keep reaching for the shifter at 50+MPH to shift 6th gear but of course no more gears.

So I was thinking about the gear swap but from what I read it looks like I already got the kind of transmission that has the taller gears. What do you think based on the RPM reading above?

Btw I'm getting between 42-45 MPG if I'm driving like the rest of the idiots and has been as high as 53.5 MPG ( 3 times during summer ) if I'm putting around. No interstate speeds in my rout and lots of EOC.

2900 at 70 is pretty good. I was 3000 at 55. It sounds like you have to quit driving like the other idiots. My commute is 25 minutes on the interstate and 35 minutes on the road that follows the river. Which one do you think is more peaceful? On the slow route I can enjoy my coffee and occasionally see wildlife. Relax and smell the roses and save gas. Have you put extra pressure in the tires, this is not dangerous at lower speeds. Max pressure warnings protect traction and heat tolerence at high speeds, neither comes into play at low speeds. Low rolling resistance tires can be used at freeway speeds but the cost has to be justified by the fuel savings. Aero mods can help but have to be well thought out. Weight reductions have a bigger effect at speeds under 55 but can take away from comfort. My car has only a drivers seat and a cup holder in the interior. Weird but warmer and dryer than a motorcycle. If you want to be "stylin" just slow down the accelleration and be happy with the 53.5 you can get with a stock car.
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