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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
cmon now, do you have any idea how many millennia people have survived in AZ without AC? Doesn't that seem a "little" soft to be so whiney on a ac free car that it should be insulted? IT IS MORE EFFICIENT WITHOUT AC!!! It isn't even a wet hot. You all could be more nocturnal if you don't like the heat
I work outside all day in az, most of the time on a 200 foot transmission tower, or just 65 feet on a wood pole if I get lucky. I've lived here for 30 years didnt get a car with a/c until I was 25. BTW its still mid 90's at night during the summer, and I still work then too if the lights go out, I turn your power back on. Dont see anything "whiney" about wanting a/c in Az. FE isnt on my my mind when I worked 15 hours straight to get the lights back on, when I can I EOC, drive with the MPGuino to get better mileage. Maybe I dont belong here but I enjoyed learning from all the people on this site that have led the way to be less oil dependent.

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