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Open Source 6Kw Charger. Who Whats What Features?

Hello Everyone,

Clyde (williamson) came to me a few weeks ago with plans he has put together for a 6kW Charger. He has many years of experience designing high output power supplies. This charger is PFC corrected and Isolated. It can take 85-265VAC input at 50 or 60Hz. With the output being isolated, You cannot easily be shocked if you are working on the car while charging. The charger automatically detects what voltage it is powered with and adjusts it max draw as to try and not trip the circuit breaker. 15A for 115VAC and 30A for 230VAC. There will also be an adjustment knob on the front of the charger for turning the max current draw on that voltage down, if other loads are on the same circuit.

The limits of the charger right now is that it can only charge the battery voltage that is was wired for. While this can be changed, It requires removing or adding winds to the transformer to decrease or increase the voltage output. A small resistor mod is also required at the same time.

I am hoping to put together kits for people to build their own chargers specific to the voltages they want. This will be a modular design that you will be able to get different modules that will plug in to change the output stage to the voltage needed to charge the pack you want.

The charger should cost somewhere in the range of a few hundred dollars and each new output module will most likely be around one hundred each. I am not certain of these prices yet, as It is still in prototype phase.

So I need to know what you guys are looking for in a charger. Wether it be Higher Power, Wide Output, Narrow Output, Isolated, Non Isolated, Also what Kind of controls.

With the module setup, The controller could be programmed to remember a profile for each one, With different setpoints and charge currents.

Also, For reference, The Manzanita PFC 30 charger is alot like this one. It is not isolated and has an output range of 12-450VDC.

I want to know what you guys think!!


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