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Published for what?

I won a contest on instructables... and can now claim an award winning recipe and apparently I'll be making an appearance in some women's magazine this month (I think).... Does that count?

Somewhere in CA, a newspaper used a bit of my cooking on my car instructable... And a few people asked for image licenses to use a somewhat offensive image of the letters PETA laser cut in a steak that I also published on instructables.... Yes, I publish a lot on that site

Oh, and apparently I'm in some dentist medical journal somewhere for an "experiment" my dentist did on one of my teeth. I have a baby tooth that didn't have an adult tooth behind it. Instead of sinking a metal rod and building up a crown - she built up a tooth with dentist's cement. It totally worked - and I got over my fear of shots in the mouth (which luckily I haven't needed anyway) That was fun - do a little work, take a picture, do a little work - repeat

Something tells me none of this applies to what you're thinking
Cars have not created a new problem. They merely made more urgent the necessity to solve existing ones.
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