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And the point of the Nordic Volcanological Institute CO2 Chart is? Will the chart or institute have any effect on the volcano? Why not compared the CO2 production from Eyjafjallajoekull to the combined daily production of Male Bovine Feces of the US Congress, Executive branch, Danny Glover, and Al Gore!

Why not show the amount of CO2 saved if all airlines stopped flying in and out of Iceland.

Be true to yourself, only travel by sailing.

I wonder how the members/staffers at the the USGS, BBC, EEA, Nordic Volcanological Institute, or if James Key, Nicole Keller, Danny Glover & Al Gore are traveling by sail boat?

Imagine the population of Iceland 20 years from now if they ONLY transportation off the island was in a sailing ship.

With the rampant dishonestly at the CRU/U of East Anglia and Al Gore's mendacious & pompous proclamations, I question the validity of anything or anyone regarding "THE CLIMATE", CO2, the ice cap, polar bears, etc..

If in doubt, follow the money!
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