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Originally Posted by AndrewJ View Post
Nice find!

Now do you have to keep hitting the odo reset button every 45 seconds or is it automatic?
Automatic, I guess there are two modes, a whole trip kind of average that never ever ever changes and a 45-60 second interval that tells me what FE I got for the last bit of driving.

Originally Posted by DifferentPointofView View Post
yea.. average mpg's stay pretty much the same if it's got a lot of trips and stuff on it. Instant is the way to go to get it good, average is to see how you've been doing.
I'm talking full highway trips to cold city drives, it never changes.

Originally Posted by DifferentPointofView View Post
Didn't you try and look in the owners manual to switch between instant/average/outside temp? (if it has temp)
No I pretty much just learn as I go because the car didn't come with a real owner's manual so i just got one off of the internet for free but it is not the same.

Originally Posted by Doofus McFancypants View Post
Site Note -
ankit - I am "officially" ahead of you in 90 day average. ( atleast for now)
: )
I will have to get working on that. But it has been raining for the last couple of days so IDK.


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