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Win $100.00 in Free Gas! Design Contest: Ecomod my Ride

Win $100.00 in FREE Gas! Help Design my Spring Project Car…

A 1997 Ford Escort Wagon with a stock 2.0L Split Port Induction engine and Manual transaxle was purchased with the express intent to showcase/implement numerous fuel saving modifications. The goal of the project is to effectively DOUBLE the EPA fuel economy ratings.

Please take a few minutes of your time (or a few hours) and help design this MPG vehicle that will incorporate as many viable modifications that can be utilized in this ‘real world’ and ‘real budget’ venture.

Contest --->>>
An incentive of $100.00 will be offered to the ‘best’ submission.


Free EcoModder sticker/decals will be awarded/mailed out randomly (after they have been printed/obtained) to numerous contributors to this thread.

You must be a member of to submit. If you are not a member, take a minute to join…it’s easy and free, then you can post in the forums/threads (including this one). Submissions must be posted in this thread.

Submission will be judged on numerous factors including how comprehensive/complete the design/plan is thought out (engine, trans, rolling resistance, aero, paint etc.). Pictures/Drawings are not necessary, but recommended. The longer and more complete the list of modifications the better. ‘Best’ submission will be judged by Xfi and any moderators of that have not officially submitted a design.

Also, please start your submission by naming the ‘UnNamed Wagon’. Then follow with any and all information/pics/drawings/ideas that you desire. If submitting a ‘paint job’ with your pics/drawings please include ‘’ at least once with the design.

Submission must be based on a 1997 Ford Escort Wagon 2.0SPI 4cyl Gasoline Engine with a Manual Transaxle. Any other modification/improvements are at your discretion.

The contest will run through February 29, 2008. This will give time for more members/viewers to submit their design information.

By submitting a design, you agree that all ideas submitted are public knowledge/info and can be used my any and all members/viewers of

This contest supersedes any and all previous contests. I reserve the right to change any and all rules pertaining to the contest without notice.

There will be no minimum number of submissions. Someone will receive the $100.00 in FREE GAS even if there are only a few submissions.

$100.00 will be paid via PayPal or Gas Card (to agreed upon station) sent via USPS with delivery confirmation.

Thanks again for your interest and being a part of this EcoModder project. Have fun with it and submit your best ideas for the opportunity to win $100.00 plus an decal/stickers to display on your Ecomodded vehicle!

Sample Design Started Below…
Feel free to start with this information and add to it!

The UnNamed Wagon
Submitted by Xfi

1997 Ford Escort Wagon MPG Project
2.0 SPI 4cyl Gasoline Engine
Manual Transaxle

-Factory 2.0 SPI Engine
-Headers & Free Flowing Exhaust
-50% Under Drive Crankshaft Pulley
-A/C Delete
-Power Steering Delete (Manual Rack Conversion)

-2.88 Final Drive Transaxle from 80’s Pony Escort Model

-Undercarriage Tray/Paneling
-Side Mirrors Replaced with ‘Fold In’ Mirrors
-Grille Block
-Rear Door, Rear ¼ and Rear Hatch Glass replaced with Plexiglas for weight savings.

-All Carpet and Sound Deadening Material Removed (weight savings).
-Interior Gutted…Everything behind driver’s seat removed (weight savings).

-Front Lowering Springs
-Suspension Swap with Earlier Model?(reduce rotating mass/weight)

-Synthetic Fluids
-Hot Air Intake
-Solar Panel Mounted Flush on Roof for Additional Battery Charging

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