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Originally Posted by payne171 View Post
...says the guy from Arizona. Really, maybe you lived somewhere where snow can shut down the STATE for a couple of days at a time...
Snow doesn't shut down the whole state, I admit, but it does the strip along the Sierra Nevada where I live. Spent a couple of years making weekly trips over the Sierra Nevada (Carson Pass on Calif 88) in my Insight, and the only time I couldn't make the trip was when a semi had jacknifed across the highway. And frequently drive it to ski - my usual spot is at 8900 ft elevation.

Sure, if there's more than about 4" on the roads, I prefer something with more ground clearance, and 4WD is handy when the grades are 6% or better for 10 miles. But you can get that from a vehicle that's more efficient, and more generally useful, than a Hummer or other large SUV.

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