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Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
Here's an intersting article on detailed analysis of the overall cradle-to-grave lifecycle of the transportation. With a link to the Cal Berkeley research.
good stuff.

For those down on thier luck with an old machine good on fuel... this article shows why it is a winner.

the pollution facts of england, beyond air noise.. it is astounding...and I'd swear it was smaller than maine..the whole darn country...

I remember getting off the plane while still running in england, wind had exhaust blowing right at my damn face. I knew it was less than 30 seconds to guide it into its spot..I held my breath, but knew I had some in my lung. I looked over the fence.. and this little girl was with an old man..squinting the burning gas away. It is like I stared forever....of course I was high on a military uniform.
. did not expect to see a little girl there...
that vision haunted me. I like natures volcano. I bet some enjoyed some quiet time.
that is what it takes apparently.
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