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Originally Posted by sc2dave View Post
What are aholes? I can think of one meaning but i don;t think it pertains to this thread. Did you notice a difference with the fa2000?
Here is my ahole story....

Maybe 10 yrs or so ago (in winter)....I was parked along a road in some woods taking a break when a couple of guys came along in a pickup nodding and smiling. A couple minutes later they come by again...this time lookin' mean. I think...hmmm...and head home.

Got maybe 50 miles or so to the NW and stopped at a gas station to refill...but the pump didn't shut off...spilling maybe a quart of gas on the ground. It was enough that I was afraid to start the car I pushed it away from the pump and went inside...asking the Middle Eastern type guy at the counter WTF...he said that 2 guys did it...sitting nearby looked like the same pickup...probably driven by 2 aholes.

So what were the aholes up to? Probably some kind of ahole test to see if I was paying attention....there is a sign on the pumps saying that you are responsible for the pump shutting off. No matter if there is a fire at the pumps and people get burned...the aholes wouldn't know anything about that. If there was a'd just read in the paper about some irresponsible driver who caused the fire....aholes can do no wrong.

They can also cause the pump to run slow.

Can't say why I got the 36 mpg...unless the aholes have found a way to give me some free gas. The car was definitely full....previous tank was avg.

As far as the FA2000...testing will be slow...but I do intend to do a thorough test if possible....things been sitting in a box for 5 yrs or so.
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