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Version 0.86 updates

1. Metric options, litres, km, l/100km
Setup is still in english for simplified table of car values, metric display is option at end of setup (left + right buttons), will convert values to metric at display time if metric=1.
Uses Litres/Kilometers, and consumption is in Liters/100KM

Abbreviated Labels changes when in metric mode by screen:
Custon screen
MG->LK (Miles Per Gallon -> Liters per 100KM)
GH->LH (Gallons Per Hour => Litres per Hour)

Combo Screens:
IM->IL (Instant MPG -> Instant L/100KM)
CM->CL (Current MPG -> Current L/100KM)
TM->TL (Tank MPG -> Tank L/100KM)

Big number screens:
MPG->L/K (MPG -> L/100KM)

Trip screens:
MH->KH (Miles Per Hour -> KM per Hour)
MG->LK (Miles Per Gallon -> Liters per 100KM)
MI->KM (Miles -> KiloMeters)
GA-> L (Gallons -> Liters)

EOC/Idle screen:
G-> L (Gallons -> Liters)

2. Added another decimal place to the big numbers (more useable in L/100km mode)
i.e. it can display X.XX or XX.X or XXX depending how large the number is

1. upgraded to atmega328.

2. switched to npn backlight driver, driven from vehicle voltage through a 1 watt resistor rather than regulator.
a. this allows the large capacitor to power the cpu longer in a power dip, since it doesn't try to power the backlight,
and the unit should survive power fluxuations better.
b. takes load off of regulator (the resistor does get warm).
c. makes it easier to relocate that source of heat and/or make it much easier to tie into existing dashboard dimmer circuit.

3. tied in the analog vss and vcc to facilitate analog inputs.

4. added pads for all unused pins (except reset), now experimetors can easily get to rx, tx, aref, 2 analogs and 2 pwm pins.

5. Turned down brownout detecton (we are not writing except at config)

6. Disabled self programming for stability.

1. using newer g++ for atmega328 compatibility, avr-gcc version 4.3.2 (adds a lot of bytes though)

2. npn backlight drive signal changes.

3. Replaced all arduino external function references with their avr counterparts or included functions. cpp file is now self contained and divorced from arduino updates and has smaller/faster performance.

4. updates to ubuntu build utilizing wine (was having to build on seperate windows machine and program on linux)

5. Experimenting with eclipse CDT w/avr plugin, still using external scripts to compile/burn, but eclipse editor is big improvement over notepad/gedit.

CPU Utilization = 49.86%, Free Ram = 1189 bytes, Free Flash = 13920 bytes

will update svn cpp and schematic when I remember how.

Edit, svn updated, here is latest source

Previous Updates

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