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DMF's and heavy flywheels revealed

First post....

DMF's are heavy, and a single mass of equivalent size would provide the same benefits. The torque impulse of every single cylinder is harnessed into the rotating assembly. The flywheel is part of this. As the engine rotates (if we were looking at a single cylinder), after firing, it needs to do the work that you are asking of it as well as compress the next air/fuel charge. With a light flywheel, the engine can accelerate and decelerate faster, but it also does this within the four stroke cycle, causing loss of net power (tq). If you don't believe, or even feel slightly skeptical, take the blade off of your lawnmower and try to start it. Typically it will fire, rotate up the compression stroke to the ignition event and change directions, ripping the pull cord from your hands in a painful and violent manner. I hope this helps.
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