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Lunar Mist - '02 Toyota Tacoma SR5
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Heres another spin, I had almost 250 miles and only used 1/3 of the tank..

I found a rig that had a steady rate of speed and followed him for a solid 50+ miles..
I was going for a record till he branched off and the directions called for going into the mountains..

Which is better when going up mountains?
I know economy really goes out the window on this one, but I figure I'd throw this out there..

higher rpm's with high vac #'s or lower rpm's with lower vac #'s?

I just had to ignore the vac guage because it was a bit painfull watch lol

I still pulled just shy of 30mpg when I filled up.. I even went offroading a bit with my truck club.. I have quite a few 4x4 guys in my club shooting for FE reguardless of their trucks setup, one guy (not on here yet0 went from 16mpg to 20mpg using a few tricks I posted on my fuel log on CustomTacos..

As for that tonneau cover, most definatly costing me more than a used GS, but at the same time, this is something I've had in my head to do for a few years..

I'll jump on a group buy on (another Tacoma site)
I want the X guage version..

I dont use cruise control as much anymore unless its a nice flat curface or if I have a case of the leg cramps

As for Bhazzard's Shadow ES 2.5 turbo, If I'm able to pull 28mpg out of my Shelby GLHS that was boosted upto a consistant 12.3 in the quarter mile, you could definatly get 25mpg all day long..

If you hook the vac line from the wastegate to the intake, your sitting at no more than 7psi.. I used this technique for break in period..

I was BIG into the 2.2/2.5 cars..

30hp for 12 bucks!

you guys are killing me with these abbreviations..
BSFC ? doesn't take that much more to type it out, stop being lazy..

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