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1997 Ford Escort Wagon MPG Project
2.0 SPI 4cyl Gasoline Engine
Manual Transaxle

-Factory 2.0 SPI Engine
-Headers & Free Flowing Exhaust
-50% Under Drive Crankshaft Pulley
-A/C Delete
-Power Steering Delete (Manual Rack Conversion)
-Injector kill switch
-Smaller pulse injectors(?)
-195 t-stat
-electric water pump

-2.88 Final Drive Transaxle from 80’s Pony Escort Model

-Undercarriage Tray/Paneling
-Side Mirrors Replaced with ‘Fold In’ Mirrors
-Grille Block
-Rear Door, Rear ΒΌ and Rear Hatch Glass replaced with Plexiglas for weight savings.
-Side skirts
-Wheel skirts front and back
-shaved door handles or covered
-Boat tail or VG
-Wiper removal or modify to hide below the air stream

-If possible re slope the windshield to reduce drag.
-All Carpet and Sound Deadening Material Removed (weight savings).
-Interior Gutted…Everything behind driver’s seat removed (weight savings).
-Move the battery to the back to get it out of the heat in the engine compartment.

-Front Lowering Springs
-Suspension Swap with Earlier Model?(reduce rotating mass/weight)
-skinny LRR tires

-Synthetic Fluids
-Hot Air Intake
-Solar Panel Mounted Flush on Roof for Additional Battery Charging

I don't want to enter but I'll throw ideas out there for free. If anybody wants to try and get great mileage I'm all for it. Good luck. How much money are you willing to spend? That will make a big difference.
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