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OK, my EV grin has turned to a frown. Last night when I was driving home the controller was working great, until I got to the 4th stop light. After stopping for the red, when the light turned green, I pushed on the accelerator and- nothing. It is so fun to push a car backwards to the side of the road during rush hour. Luckily one of my neighbors saw me pushing and came over to help. We pushed the car into the closest business parking lot and he gave me a ride home. With over 3000 miles since conversion on my Fiero, it was the first time it ever left me stranded. I went back with my van and tow-bar and pulled the Fiero back home. When I apply throttle, I get a red led light on the contoller, which the manual says might be controller damage and to contact Kelly. I called them this morning and left a message to call me back. I will keep you guys posted on how they take care of this problem.

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