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Just for Fun - Aeromod MGB GT


I have a 1972 MGB GT lurking unloved in my garage needing to be recomissioned. I'm kind of wondering about some ecomodding and aeromodding for fun as it will never be 'concours' again, until I can afford to reshell it.

The GT is the hardtop, coupe version. My unscientific examination (which consists of standing at the side of it, tea in hand and nodding like I know what I am doing) suggests the roofline is reasonable as is the trailing angle of the tailgate.

Profile image (this isn't mine, unfortunately)

Some spoilers (air dams) are shown here

Its pretty much a blank canvas at the moment though - no trim fitted and in pieces. I should consider a re-engine as well but its likely that the 87k miles B-series will stay with its twin SUs. It does have overdrive which is a bonus and it will get an electric coolling fan at some point.

Thoughts ?

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