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Had one of those myself - long, long ago.

The rear roof line looks fairly good. I think I would perhaps try a front spoiler with a soft bottom edge so you could get it nice and low. A grill block would help some, particularly in the winter. You might look at a good undertray both front and back. As I remember, the midsection of underbelly is fairly smooth. If you wanted to get radical, you might consider rear fender covers. If you have the disc wheels, vice wire, you might benefit from moon wheel covers. That might be hard on wires, though a j-bolts around some spokes would possibly work.

You could probably improve the engine efficiency a bit by installing a single carb for the pair of SU's currently on the car, though that is a guess. The "non-performance" versions of most British cars had that combo. Let us know if you try anything - and by all means, do some testing.

If you mereley meet he challenge of keeping the muffler from falling off, you will have accomplished a near unique result (tongue in cheek).
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