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I'm currently working on aviation related projects. Next, I'll be testing some alternative unleaded fuel in our companies high performance aerobatic aircraft (an Extra 300L with a BPA high compression engine)(Experimental). The fuel I'll be testing is made by Swift Fuels and is really about 104.9 octane, but is named 100SF. They also make an experimental unleaded fuel with 115 octane. The bio-fuel, 100SF is a likely candidate to replace the leaded Avgas we use today. So, I'm excited about the project. It's been a long time coming.

Believe it or not, these "old tech" modern, injected aircraft engines have BSFC numbers far better than the best automotive engines made today. Our Lycomings regularly operate at a cruise BSFC number of 0.38 pounds of fuel per hr per HP produced.

My personal 4 seat Cessna 177RG gets between 17.4 and 21.1 MPG at speeds ranging between 145 and 163MPH. Plus, it goes direct, eliminating an average of 25% of the distance traveled if you drove. Making the MPG equiv. about 23 MPG at 160MPH. The use of 100SF would increase the MPG by an additional 15% due to energy density (it's a heavier fuel).

Much of what I've learned in the automotive world transfers to aviation. And, vice versa.
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