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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
I'm looking for more details, but it appears the forward-thinking province of Ontario (Canada's most populous province, and location of most of Canada's conversions) has put a moratorium in place on the registration of electric conversions.

Not yet sure how this will affect the ForkenSwift, or whether it only applies to new applications.
Nice little forum you got here. I have been saving for many years to get all the parts needed for a conversion and when I was told I couldn't register, I started calling politicians.

I got a letter from the Minister or Transports office (Program Development & Evaluation Branch) that outlined why there was a moratorium on EV conversions. Here is the highlights....

1) "first responders complaining"...have problems with EV Conversions
2) "insurance companies don't like to cover EV's"...calls to many tell me they will however insure a fully electric vehicle from one of the major auto manufacturers
3) "EV conversion is a developing industry"......EV conversion industry has been around longer than many of the major car makers...where do you think they learned how to build them

This all from a government that ran on being more Green and getting more EV's on the road.

What they meant was they are in bed with insurance and major auto companies (that the tax payers own in some cases - bail out money) and by more EV's on the roads they mean ones you buy from the big 3 auto makers. You know the ones, they dont go as far, the batteries are not that great and the over all quality had it been a home job would never have passed the muster for a safety.
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