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Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post
...Chrysler and Honda learned a "lot" about LEAN-BURN techiques...both electronic and mechanical.
subaru was there too...pulling more than a honda and outlasting the chrysler.

There is other means to gain lean burn, outside air has to be correct. The winter mode on my carbed sube went away today, it needs nearly 80 degrees to click out of it (audibly so). Now in 40s mpg mode, in the winter, it loses ten mpg...(6 months for me)
I do not know what does it, but do know what I had to keep hooked up for it to function. My carb is not in the books, it took a small boost (a blo through hitachi).

if the plans worked in america for feedback, we would not be killing ourselves over the retards that could not make it work. *cough*holley*cough*

I mean 175 billion gallons of gas a year with not nearly enough more cars on the road to justify a doubling in consumption kills all arguments about injections winning. Good luck with your carbs, they are the winner.

I am pondering a 32/34 weber next, it is not a master, but I can preserve the genius I am running now if I swap.(I am restoring)

progressive 2 brrl, feedback, thermal monitoring of vacuum actuation.. it is a genius. No ECU necessary.
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