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jamesqf -

Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Oh? Then Porsche, Lotus, and Ferrari are all flops?

Besides, if I'm remembering correctly, the GM EV1 didn't have ANY sales. Weren't they leased to test drivers, and taken back at the end of the lease period, often over the vehement protests of the drivers?
Yes, I was being subtle. I was intimating to texanidiot25's earlier post that EV1's were leased. That's why I used quotation marks when I typed "sales". Part of my post was nuanced in the sense that other people that are unlike us would judge the success of a car based on it's "bottom line" profit/loss to the company that produced it. As you and I have discussed in the past, this is a POV question with regards to the first Gen Honda Insight.

I don't think exoticars are good analogies in this discussion because EV1s were never sold at or above what they cost to make. And yes, EV1s were never "sold", period.

Question: Does anyone know the cost of EV1's when they were produced? Maybe I'll find out later in the book. How much did first Gen Insights cost to make?


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